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Inside Sky Networks provides high quality web development & I.T. services for customers all around the world. We have talented designers, skillful programmers, qualified I.T specialists and effective management to provide cost-effective solution to meet all needed requirements of our customers.

InsideSky Networks has working experience with a variety of technologies gives us the unique ability to solve complex problems and perform upgrades with fine-tuned precision. Our programming team’s collective experience stretches across the spectrum of languages and solution types – we conquer even the most difficult obstacles.

We understand how difficult the IT business process can be. That’s why we work so closely with our clients through the execution of new technology processes. Below, we have outlined several steps that keep our projects running smoothly. For more details about our Services, kindly visit our Home page.

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The approach

Phase 1


Before we start development on your project, we have to understand your vision, systems architecture, and the business needs that make this project necessary. Typically, we meet with your IT, marketing, and/or business managers. This gives us the perspective we need to come up with a solution that makes sense.

We’ll design a solution to meet your business needs, constrained by your existing systems architecture, time lines, and budget.
We focus heavily on design because the “release and update until it’s kind of okay” mindset undermines client confidence in the developer, and produces a patched and “hacked together” solution that can be unstable, incomplete, inefficient, or difficult to scale. It’s easier and far more cost-effective to know what the solution is going to look like at the beginning of the process than at the end.

Phase 2


Phase 3


Once the design specification is approved, we’ll leverage the chosen platform to develop the solution. As a solutions architect, we’re committed the implementing your software solution using the platform and programming language that makes the most sense in light of your business needs.

As we’re building your solution, we may have milestones where you will become involved in the testing process. These milestones will be discussed prior to contracting, and may include several stages of approval.
When a project is near completion, we move it into our test environment that precisely mirrors the live production environment where the project will live. From there, we work with you to test the solution, to ensure that its features and functions work as expected. Some clients opt for a pilot testing program, in only a portion of the intended audience initially uses the solution. Others prefer applying a series of test cases to gauge the solution’s stability. In either case, we make sure any issues are resolved to your satisfaction.

Phase 4


Phase 5

Roll Out

After the project has been tested, and deemed ready for production, we move the project into the production environment. At that point, you can begin using and benefiting from the solution.

After roll out, we will ensure your expectations of performance match the measured performance of the solution and that it accomplishes the goals set forth at the start of the project.

Phase 6

Wrap up Review

Phase 7

Ongoing Revisions and Updates

Businesses grow and change focus. We understand this, and we’ll continue to help your project adapt to your changing business needs, either by altering the existing software solution, or through the development of new projects.

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