Information Technology
Information Technology

Managed IT Services

Our Managed Information Technology Services are designed, created, and implemented according to your unique business processes. InsideSky Networks is always ready to help you leverage the full power of the most innovative Information Technology.

To ensure productivity and long-term profitability, your company needs an up-to-date, fully functioning IT network. Crashes, downtime or security breaches could result in loss of business and consumer trust. You can rest easy when you put your IT support needs in our hands.

If you are looking for Best Managed IT Services in Atlanta or Best IT Services in Cumming or Alpharetta – you are on a right way!

Why hire an "IT guy" when you can have a whole department for your business at the same price?​

We provide a full range of Managed IT Services for small and medium sized businesses in Atlanta GA
  • Flat monthly fee
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • All-inclusive IT
  • Remote & overnight services
  • Proactive maintenance
  • Administration and Compliance
  • Ramped up productivity
  • Endless advice from IT experts
  • We are always available
  • Reduced computer, server, and network downtime
  • Network assessment
IT Support and management for a fixed monthly price.

Pricing Models

Per-Device Pricing

This managed services IT pricing model is used by managed service providers (MSPs) because of its simplicity. Per-device, managed service provider pricing plans are based on the type and number of devices being supported by the MSP. There will be a flat fee for each type of device that is supported in a user environment.

$100/month per Network

$35/month per Firewall

$150/month per Server

$45/month per Desktop

Per-User Pricing

As a business owner with employees who use multiple devices, paying per user can be a great advantage. For example, if a user has a company desktop, a company laptop, a company smartphone and a company tablet, the flat per-user fee covers the IT support of all of these devices. 

$70/month per User

Your monthly costs will obviously vary based on the number of users you’re covering. Managed service provider pricing is billed to businesses every month.

Flat-Rate Pricing

This option provides coverage for all IT services as opposed to individual projects or tasks.

Starts from $99/month per Company

In a value based managed IT services pricing model, the client is getting charged for the IT services and support provided to them which are easily customized to the client’s needs and budget. 

Why should you hire us?


You have a medium-size business, main office and two branches at other cities. You have pre-installed routers at each location to make all branches linked together and one server with company data. You have a 7 employee at main office and 4 at each branch.

You need to make sure that your corporate network is always works, safe, maintained and secured. You are tired to find somebody and pay him each time for help, when you have a problems with your IT infrastructure. 

You want somebody to take care of all your IT, with minimum expenses and headache.

Your option #1:
Hire IT Administrator on full time to take care of your IT infrastructure.

Average SysAdmin salary in Georgia is $55k/year or ~$4500/month

Your option #2:

Hire InsideSky Networks


3 locations = 3 networks = $300
1 Server = $150
3 Routers with Firewalls = $105
15 Workstations = $675

Total: $1230/month



Our hourly rates for any IT work.

One-time work & projects

One time work

  • Our hourly rate is $125/hour without a managed service contract.
  • Emergency support rate is $200/hr for an immediate dispatch or work after normal business hours.

Free estimate and consultation.

With managed service contract.

  • $75/hour for work not included in your current monthly Managed IT subscription.
  • Low rates for all other services what we provide.
Services what we provide

What we do

  • Managed IT Services
  • IT Consulting & Strategy
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Hardware Virtualization
  • Email & SPAM Filtering
  • Application Hosting
  • Cloud Migration
  • VoIP Services & PBX
  • Servers & Network
  • Audio/Video Systems
    • Data Backup & Recovery
    • Hosted VoIP & PBX
    • Private Cloud
    • Cloud Backups
    • Server Rooms Installation
  • Website Design & Development
  • Application Development
  • Network & System Engineering
  • Database Administration
  • IT Support
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